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The Biography of Jeff Murphy

    Jeff was born in San Francisco and graduated from Clayton Valley High School in
Concord, CA. He attended Diablo Valley College for two years in Pleasant Hill,
CA, majoring in Music Theory, and Harmony and Piano.
    He started working on his own pianos around 1971, then trained with local,
established piano tuners and technician experts.  
    Jeff began his career in 1972 as a piano tuner / technician for a piano store called
Stevens Music on Clayton Rd. in Concord, CA.

    He moved to Los Angeles, CA. in 1972 and began advertising in the local Yellow Pages and in a short time tuned two pianos for his first celebrity, Sammy Davis Jr.

    Then he began tuning pianos at concerts for popular bands like:
          Hootie & the Blowfish

          Blood, Sweat and Tears
          Steely Dan
          Steve Miller Band
          The Allman Brothers                    

    In 1995 Jeff started working as the Head Piano Tuner / Technician for a piano store
called Piano Mart on Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Celebrity List

  Jeff became known as a “Tuner to the Stars" after tuning for more celebrities such as:

            Chevy Chase
            James Caan
            Barry Manilow
            Nicholas Cage
            David Carradine
            Andrea Bocelli
            Carroll O’Connor (Archie Bunker in All in the Family)
            Ashton Kutcher
            Tony Bennett
            Deby Reynolds
            Michael Buble
            Jennifer Garner
            Patricia Arquette
            Jerry O'Connell  (Jerry Maguire, Kangaroo Jack, Crossing Jordan)
            Eddie Arnold   (Green Acres)
            Robert Estes (Friends, Melrose Place)
            Marlon Wayons
            Patti LaBelle
            Sharon Stone
            Bonnie Raitt  (Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About)
                 and others

Famous Places:

            House of Blues (Disneywalk, Anaheim)
            House of Blues (Hollywood)
            Hilton (Universal Citywalk)
            Hilton (Long Beach)
            Sheraton (Long Beach)
            Whiskey A Go-Go (Hollywood)
            Radisson (Culver City)
            The Casino (Catalina Island)
            The Wilshire Theater (Los Angeles)
            Marriott (Norwalk)
            NBC Studios (episode of "Medium"'09)
            Malibu Performing Arts Center (Bob Dylan Concert Jan. '09)

Tunings for Significant Achievers:

            Kenneth Klein (Conductor of New York Virtuosi Chamber Symphany, Nuremburg                        Symphony, Philharmonic Chorus, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, London                        Philharmonia, Moscow Philharmonic, New York Carnegie Hall)

            Stanley Clark (Composer, Inventor of "Slap Bass")

            Jodie Benson (Voice of "The little Mermaid")

            Joss Whedon (Producer of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

            Jac Holzman (Founder of Electra Records)

            The Maloof Family (Owner of Casinos in Vegas, and Sacramento Kings                        Basketball team)

            Fiona Apple (Singer of hit song "Criminal")

            Vern Schafer and Sons (Owner of Colton Piano Co. and Schafer and Sons                        Pianos)

            Peter Jacobson (Actor "House M.D." T.V. Series)

            Klaus Badelt (Film Score Composer; "Pirates of the Caribbean","The Gladiator",                      "Mission Impossible 2", "Pearl Harbor", "The TIme Machine", "Catwoman",                           "Poseidon")

            Mark Snow (Film Score Composer; "X-Files", "Ghost Whisperer", "Smallville",                        "One Tree Hill", "Starsky & Hutch", "Hart to Hart", "Twenty Thousand                        Leagues Under the Sea")

  Jeff formulates his tuning routes to encompass wide areas of travel, from Los Angeles County to West Orange County and the San Gabriel Valley, making more than 73 surrounding cities actually local for him.

Jeff has his own piano shop to perform complete piano restorations. He also tunes pianos for private residents, concerts, recording studios, civic centers, and theatres, including South Bay and Long Beach, Orange County, and all beach cities. He is also well known for his friendly, professional piano consultations and appraisals, so please feel free to call now:      
               (310) 508-1346
               (562) 472-0050
               (714) 656-3282

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